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It's hair!

Yep, the new way to decorate is hair. There’s a new “salon” in the Gift shop and a hair catalog there too. I can’t say I like/dislike it, but it makes penguins a lot more human.


The new hairbrush pin is in the Pet Shop.


And CP replaced the smile emote with this one (because an internet company thought CP copied their emote):


There are two new postcards you can send:


And there is a new Penguin Poll question: What is your favorite Halloween costume?  I said the Ghost Costume (although I don’t have it).



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  1. smarty305

    I got eveything! LOL 😀

  2. jpd2327

    thank you for the secret

  3. yo2boy

    Hey, you know wat sux itz for members there should be a non member style like there’s backrounds, blue/red puffles… etc. 😐

  4. Nemokid4

    Yay! First comment!

  5. Nemokid4

    I do not really like the idea of hair.

  6. tj

    im gonna go as a rock star for my next costume lol!


    IT’S ONLY FOR MEMBERS :( (i’m a non-mem)

    (p.s. I like the funny pics about the green puffle. It’s hilarious!)

  8. penguin101

    woohoo first post, yeh man they wicked wigs, but they need more grease on the greasy wig. 😛 .
    i only became member on the 5th octtober and im rich with an ok crib and lots of clothes. ty watex u rule.

  9. Watex fan

    Woo hoo! I have the Disco wig!

  10. Lil Loop

    Soo unfair! – Only Members can buy it!

  11. bluesoulxo

    um they said first the new things are for members but later in the future sometimes they let non members have items like wigs too but im not sure if they will??
    and i never knew about the postcards thank you watex you rock
    Watex: If the wigs stay, they will eventually come out with a wig free item. I like clothing free items better though.

  12. 7pinkberries

    Tehy said that they might not continue wigs and that it depends if we like them or not. If they ever get rid of wigs, do you think that penguins can still wear ones they already bought?
    Watex: Its possible they might let the penguins keep them. Too bad I’m not a member, if this was the case, I’d buy some myself. It could turn into a rare item.

  13. pie9997

    watex i ferget if u posted this but if u goto the skii mountain and walk to bunny and and click the map u will have the map in the game and then goto the and hold W key and u can walk on doors and entrances;)
    Watex: Yeah, I know. Thanks for telling me, but I actually added this to Cheats/Glitches a day before you told me!

  14. jazzzzzzzz

    i know wut company it was that thought that cp copied their emotion. it was yahoo. their IM symbol looks EXACTLY the same!!! that is why they moved it. i miss the old one. it looked cuter. :(

  15. joshi15

    hey umm i expected alot more from cp it was not a really good idea to have hair in cp.cp dissaointed me this time with the wigs but everything is cool.

  16. Kranendonk

    Where is the poll?
    Watex: Its on the main site.

  17. fosters1537

    i like the ghost costume the most. i liked how cp brougth it back.

  18. fosters1537

    i think non members should be able to get the wigs.

  19. roscoz

    i dont really like or hate the wigs,i think there ok though. and i agreethat the wigs should be avaible to nonmembers (even though im a member.)

  20. pavmentcheez1


  21. goaty girl

    yeah the new smiley is really creepy! it looks like its gonna attack you! evil grin! and no one shows that much teeth!!!!

  22. goaty girl

    dont you think that non members should get a free furniture item i mean our igloos suck!
    Watex: Yes, we should at least get a few furniture items we can buy.

  23. soccerkiller

    i like the gohst costume too!

  24. Doggylicous2

    You have the greatest website. Thanks for being my friend!

  25. elyk8

    its sucks that they are members only.ITS NOT FAIR!!!

  26. rabbadxs


  27. Rosalyn

    hi, the new emote is very very cute!! nice site watex

  28. fries

    im a member but i think that there should be a really small catalog for non members!

  29. surfdude2525

    Yeah there should be a catolog for non members, but cp needs to get money from the members when they pay, because the website costs money! Is that right Watex?
    Watex: That’s right surfdude!

  30. jessiedude64


  31. booshim

    u havent updated this in years were in 2010 lol not last century old cps gone!!!!!!!!

  32. Miley4140

    @booshim sadly… yes

  33. Abrianna567


  34. Emma

    The Ghost costume is at the haunted house!!! ur welcome!! And the code for the pumpkin hat is PUMPKIN1!!!

  35. Emma

    BTW my penguin name is Lovintheview

  36. MunchiDunchiedoo

    How do I exactly use the codes???

  37. sofi penguen

    Quiero la peluca de mujer!!!

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