12 Month Free Membership Contest!!!!! - Club Penguin Cheats 2015



12 Month Free Membership Contest!!!!!

Update: If you all want 6-month membership cards Click the Membership link in the Navigation above. This one is eligible to anyone around the world, not just UK!

Disney is offering TONS of free membership gift cards!!!! All you gotta do is sign up!

Click here to enter

5 12-month memberships, 10 6-month memberships, and 15 1-month memberships!!!!!!


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  1. Psimple

    Thats awesome!

  2. Mrkrabs987

    Hey Dude, Great Post Man,
    I Love your site, and it would mean alot if you commented back on my site!


  3. Andy

    Only for people in the UK or Ireland :(

  4. anonymous

    does that mean if I live in the U.S that I won’t be able to enter or win?

  5. kpunk123

    ohhhh this is very greatful to me my mets opps thats a wrong thing owww thats okk .bye.

  6. Sammy

    This is a cool website. Has any body seen my friends. Here’s the link:

  7. TheKatinator

    i bet Disney will pick Mimo and sell it to get more money!

  8. lance

    I like you site and i want to win a 6 month free membership.i love club penguin so much
    and i know how to download a club penguin money maker 3.

  9. lulu8690

    hi im lulu8690 ….. this is a question i had :can i please have a code for 1 year membership ?

  10. Membership

    Hey ppl i know how to be a member on clubpenguin for free if u want to know how emai me a10a9a10@gmail.com

  11. ibrahhem124

    asd wins

  12. shonne

    that was awsome..!!! i hope im a member for 12 months that is so cool..!! :)

  13. xpac3709

    i think i will be
    a member 12 month

    a memmber

  14. star

    how do u sign up?

  15. lilydupres


  16. lilydupres


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