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How to finish Field-Ops Mission #1

A new feature for EPF agents arrived to Club Penguin! There will now be a short mission every week. These missions are called Field-Ops!

Here are the steps to finish the first ever Field-Ops Mission:

Firstly, click on your EPF phone at the bottom right of your screen. You will see this message:

Follow the instructions by going to the EPF Headquarters. Then, head to the screen on the right of it. Gary the Gadget Guy has something to tell you. Talk to him.

Then, go to the Town and click on the “Disco” on the exterior of the Dance Club. A green button on your EPF phone will light. Click on it.

Complete the circuits game by matching the shapes in 1 minute, as shown below:

Congratulations! You finished the first ever field-op. Your prize is one EPF Medal.

You will get one medal after every Field-Op you finish. You can use them to buy items of the new EPF Gear, available both to members and non members!


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  1. anonymous

    it was fun. The only downside is you can’t do the mission again after you finish it.

  2. random person

    i think only the earpiece is avaliable to both members and nonmembers…

  3. Tidas

    it was cool i could not find the diSco thing thanx

  4. lol

    the earpiece was the only free item stuff lolz

  5. mkk

    uhmm.. this question might be stupid, but can u wear the earpiece and/or the medal? lol. I would like to know..

  6. kpunk123

    ohhh!!! this is so great

  7. kpunk123

    i just love clubpenguin

  8. kpunk123

    awsome dude

  9. kpunk123


  10. Laka

    This helped me Thanks fat dude

  11. TheKatinator

    it was so short!

  12. sharktooth64


  13. TheKatinator

    i know all we did go to town match shapes

  14. TheKatinator

    we are not in pre-k!

  15. Koolkatstee0

    Thanks, that helped alot.
    Yeah, it was pretty short, but its not a actual mission. I mean, there will be one every week! Maybe next week it will be a bit more challenging…. :).

  16. CJS

    i click the disco but nothing happens. why?

  17. coolo1

    I click on disco and nothing happens, maby they changed it

  18. cindylouhoo

    umm didnt work 4 me ny1else???

  19. banger

    i dont get that Disco thing because i cant stand on the S :O

  20. omara11

    where is the disco thing? i cant see it

  21. hot smart chick

    ts underneath the nightclub the nut job who first wrote it said when u click on it it makes ur cell go green and then u have to do this shapes game but it doesn’t work

  22. mansanjam singh

    it does not work !!

  23. anonymous

    umm the night club is in construction so it doesnt say disco

  24. moo

    i need helpppppppppppppppppppppppppppp it wont work!

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