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Free Club Penguin 6 Month Membership Contest and Coin Codes

OK here we go! More Free Membership!

We just had a contest a week ago on this. But this one’s different. This is for a SIX MONTH Membership. This is also on the forums.


Check it out here.

Just so you know Ninjinian won the 1 Month Membership from the last contest

Also, we got some Card Jitsu Coin Codes we’re giving away!

To enter go here


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  1. cmoney

    hey i want a code or membership!!! PS your the best..better than hhrockhopper

  2. cmoney

    i mean rockhopper

  3. Ochanb(Vampire20011)

    Hey, i wanna join all you’re contests, when i win ill share with you my best cp account ever! :) I wished i win, i’d we so happy, ill just go get a certificate for 12 months and give it to you! Now seriously, XD! I hope someone spectial like me (or me) win(s)!

  4. firecommet5

    could i win please i never get it

  5. Mia Gojak

    can i have a free membership please, my parents wont buy me on or let me download something anything!!! please send me some membership codes!! please!!!

  6. firecommet5

    me also my parents wont buy for me and we dont have store or toys r us and we dont have a bank on internet and i follow u on twiiteer and im leen me perfect is my name on twitter

  7. taipham

    WOW! the membership is cool but i like 12 month better :)

  8. bennyboo25

    pleas i reay neeeeeed amember ship card pleas send me at or thank you pleeeeeaaaaas thanks a lot

  9. xpac3709


  10. gonza201

    vaaaya nadie habla en espaƱol?????? o vaaaaaaaaya nadie save donde esta eso? si alguien save me lo dice pooooorfaaaaa

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