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New Club Penguin Coloring Page – August 6, 2010

There’s a new coloring page on Club Penguin’s “Fun Activities” section. There are three girls assaulting a boy with snowballs. Here’s how the snowball fight coloring page looks like:

This coloring page doesn’t look that good to me even if it’s a little funny. If want to print this coloring page or to see other coloring pages then go to Club Penguin Community: Fun Activites. Do you like it? Leave a comment telling us what do you think.


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  1. Miley4140

    i really think no one cares about the coloring pages

  2. In reply to Miley4140:
    You’re totally wrong! Coloring pages are very good if you want to make your cartoon penguin or if you want to make a custom item (an existing item with different colors).

  3. Bawhoppen

    Hmm I Like Some Pages But This One Is No Good

  4. Bawhoppen


  5. Bawhoppen

    Wait Is Frown A Smile Too?

  6. Bawhoppen


  7. Miley4140


  8. Miley4140

    so bored

  9. NOONE

    tottally sucks this wallpaper

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