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New Club Penguin Card Jitsu Element: Ice Coming Soon?

Club Penguin has recently released the new Mountain Expedition to the island on August 12th, 2010. This expedition has tons of exploration and fun.

During the road to completing the Mountain Expedition, you may have run into a secret room. This room can be obtained by clicking on a block of ice before you reach the top of the mountain.

We believed this would lead to a new Card Jitsu element, and I think we’re on the right track.

In the image above there are three red circles surrounding Card-Jitsu fish. These fish can be found in most Card-Jitsu rooms, which is something you should keep in mind for now!

Inside the secret room of the Mountain Expedition, there is a bucket of these Card-Jitsu fish that can be found at the top of the room. Also, at the top left of the room, you can find a giant frozen Card-Jitsu fish.

This on its own is a very minor evidence and I personally think it’s just a small coincidence. But it is still something we must take into account.

Also, inside the new Card-Jitsu Fire room, you can find an assortment of Lanterns that provide light in the room. Keep in mind that this type of lantern can only be found in Card-Jitsu rooms.

Throughout the new secret room of the Mountain Expedition, there are a few of these Card-Jitsu lanterns providing light inside the room. All of these similarities between the Card-Jitsu fish and lanterns starts to get us thinking..

Inside this secret room, you can also find a pathway that leads towards the back of the room. But, nobody has any information as to where this path may lead.

Do you think Club Penguin is starting to work towards releasing a new Card-Jitsu Element: Snow/Ice maybe Water too? Comment your opinions here!


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  1. Bmf7364

    dude, they have similar lanterns in mines too. that doesnt mean shit.

  2. Bmf7364

    plus, they dont call it the flying fish emporium for jack. Also,

  3. Bonishnock

    It does seem like they are going to release a new Card Jitsu game soon. And It would make sense for them to have it in the mountain. I think you’re right Watex!

  4. Psimple

    bmf, Similar is not the same. In my experience, Watex is almost never wrong about this stuff. And my guess is that hes right. Think about how they released fire jitsu. They had the volcano errupt. And now, the fire jitsu is in the volcano, which you can see from the courtyard. You can also see mountains. This room is IN a mountain. It makes perfect sense. CP all ways follows patterns. THIS is a pattern.

  5. Aaron565

    I agree with Psimple…..but I have something too add. Did you notice in the ninja hideout, in the middle of the floor (once you are a fire ninja) the “fire” part of the emblem turns red? Well it only makes sense that cp has to release the ice and water parts of it…I mean what would be the point of having something unfinished? Fire Jutsu…but there is also ice and water, it only makes sense that they HAVE to make the other 2 their own separate games. And what better time to do it then now……I do agree with watex. In fact, I would put my money on this statement.

  6. Bmf7364

    psimple, neither is mimo

  7. Watex

    Hey psimple
    Thanks to you for your faith!
    However this is not my own theory and I believe its only possible

  8. BlueBlur86

    Hold the Phone Everyone! Did you Guys see that Huge Fluffy Fish with big teeth in the ice? Well, That could possibly be a new Power Card! :happy

    Cause I think it would Crawl to your oppenent and Block him/her from using their Water Cards! :happy

    It Could Pass as a new Snow Power Card.

  9. Jacobi9

    i like this theory but i dont think its right. if we are ever able to pass the path in the “secret” room in the mountain we are going to find either a yeti, herbert, or a mysterious penguin.

  10. frannyha

    theres a random mountain on the map which doesnt lead 2 anywhere, so that could lead to the mountain top, with the dojo leading to the right of the mountain (ice dojo). the fire dojo was realised eczactly 1 year after card jitsu, so the ice dojo will be reallesed the same day. next year, the water dojo will probley be on the water fall

  11. anonymous

    theres gonna be card jitsu water coming november 2010 and snow coming november 2011.And card jitsu air then card jitsu legendary then puffle card jitsu then thats all first you become a samurai then when you finish all the jitsus you get to become a sensei but idk when it all coming so i hope this helps bye!

  12. anonymous

    oh and card jitsu fire at volcano card jitsu water at the water fall and card jitsu snow at the mountain spread the word about this tell anyone the whole world ned to know this stuff hope this helps

  13. 'Pickled Underwear

    HAHA, a very deep debate, but Bmf7364 is right because they took the mountain away now lol.
    It’s obvious they will make the entrances to all the elements in the ninja dojo, and will only start giving out signs and patterns in late October (this is because anything that ever had to do with real ninja stories was in November, like when the dojo was dug out a couple of years ago).

  14. ftgh567

    What the fuck watex its bloddy not fucking gonna be there your an asshole watex suck my dick

  15. ftgh567

    Oh yeah fuck it you shithead

  16. Jake

    i heard that to be a water ninja you have to click on the water fall

  17. kakashi3210

    Your wrong. Card jitsu water is coming out next week and, that was at the mountain expedition but now its gone. But that’s what i think.

  18. oli

    water will be the new element

  19. Abbie

    fish. ice is the LAST element. The fish element? u gotta be kiddin me. PENGUINS EAT FISH. :( what ru thinking?! i havent heard of a secret room from anyone. that means that its not real. and, im a club penguin researcher and a newspaper writer on websites about club penguin. water already came out.

  20. Secret

    Take a look at my entertaining profile on ROBLOX

  21. Jennevah

    Wow I Do Like The Gaint Fish!

  22. Skyupi9

    Awesome! It could be, but some people think that something else is coming then snow…19,8,1,4,15,23

  23. Dr. Octogonapus

    I bet its gonna SNOW for ICE version
    Also RAIN for WATER! PS: BLARGH!

  24. karim

    hey, even if they’re going to make snow dojo i would prefer that this dojo is for all penguins not for members only.or i’m going to say club penguin is the worst game ever made. because there was a card jitsu party >:(

  25. Elipenguin8

    Guys they are making a card jitsu ice in may! :D

  26. Elipenguin8

    :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :)

  27. Elipenguin8


  28. papafritas x

    ey no entiendo por que marco un pescado

  29. Rockingyaz

    Hey my name is Rockingyaz I was the one that invented card jitsu. A few years ago, I had an idea about card jitsu I emailed cp and they said they would tell the staff about it. I got an email back saying thanks for the idea and I got 50,000 coins. I told everyone about card jitsu they didnt believe me. This isn’t false this is real!!!!!

  30. dragonguy22

    can people add me plz im dragonguy22

  31. thomas bell

    when will the ice dojo come cause i want to become a ice ninja. how do you get to the mountain epedition

  32. knott77

    maby your rigt if you gow to the blogg you vill working on a card jitsu snowsee that they ar

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