Club Penguin Game Day Stamps - Club Penguin Cheats 2015



Club Penguin Game Day Stamps

Club Penguin Game Day Wii has also come with Stamps for the online game.

Here is a little guide some of the Club Penguin Game Day Stamps:

Step 1. Set Up WiFi to your Nintendo Wii.
Step 2. Log in with your online Club Penguin Account
Step 3. Play games in rooms and earn coins.
Step 4. Conquer rooms to complete the team color.
Step 5. Buy All Items To Earn the Collector Stamps.

Step 6. Once conquering islands. You will earn a stamp for each team.

Step 7. Feed the white puffle in Puffle Feeder, to earn the white puffle stamp. (It only appears once in the game).

Most of the other stamps require you to play with your family and transferring your saved penguin to someone else’s Wii. Club Penguin encourages your friends to buy a Wii and buy the new Game day.

It really stinks that Club Penguin brought the items from the Exclusive Catalog in the game to regular Club Penguin. I was hoping it would become really rare and limited. Club Penguin had pulled some tricks into getting a lot of children into buying the games. They also gave a code for the Club Penguin DS games that unlocked the EPF room. Now that room is available to all penguins. Do you think Club Penguin is ripping off children and taking there money?


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    Hey Watex!

    I’m not logged into my account now, so my avatar image may look different. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I don’t think Club Penguin is ripping us off. It’s just their way of business.


  2. Pengwing4

    OOPS! I made my name my email! LOL! HEY! My avatar is still the same! =D

  3. lht53

    how do you change your avatar?

  4. Rodttor

    I BEAT THE WHOLE GAME IN ONE DAY they should make more levels and places like the cove and stuff

  5. BlueBlur86

    Thanks for the request! xD

  6. wael

    I think that that’s how they do their business!
    and I really want to know how I can get the Nentendo WII and the club penguin game day here in Israel in cheap price.

  7. frannyha

    yh, now its just the exclusive backgrounds and stamps :( but its good for nonmembers because they can get more member stuff! i already had everything u could unlock with the gameday anyway!

  8. aeroking

    so they have a GREEN stamp for completing the game for each team?, also, i have a question…

    for the upload one can you do it with one wii console because that stamp stinks

  9. frannyha

    and im guessing the new elite gear will be flare? theyre just ripping us off loads

  10. im insane :D

    yo does this site stilll run watex does it have cp game day cheats get back to me plz!!!!

  11. anonymous

    I don’t have the game yet but you really like it apparently watex.

  12. f adrian

    hi watex are they cheats for game day game?

  13. f adrian

    today is my moms aniversary of death im sad comment

  14. Entre Nous

    For the collector stamp, does “buy all items” include buying all of the penguin colors?

  15. bob

    ur a gay retard watex

  16. airkor97

    i love this website.plz meet me at sleet somtime

  17. Bluesnow 11

    U know, I think both ways. U can either have a safe, kid friendly game, or just some of those dumb killing whatever u wanna call them games! It’s a 100% safe site and fun too! Btw the team does a lot to make cp as great as it is. So they need credit! P.S. This is a special money cheat that’s NOT a ripoff!>either Mac or windows on the top of page.>penguin account name and password

  18. kate

    i am writhing this message to see what my avatare is

  19. kate

    ewww i dont like it

  20. kate

    change it changie it

  21. sensi


  22. Hr889 and Glany Flaney

    Hr889: I no how to get to of the same club penguin stamps (I think) buy 2 wii’s and buy 2 club penguin game days. Get the same stamp each Club Penguin Game day. And you will Have 2 stamps the same (I think)

    Glany Flaney: WAH! Ya know how to do that Cool Sideways Jump in Clubpenguin Game Day’s Snowball Battle Game?

  23. cams9956


  24. gary the gadget guy

    I will be online on 28th of december or january and at 6’O clock at the ice rink at the server big foot so good luck goodbye

  25. gary the gadget guy

    need to get my gadget to kill watex booby booby

  26. gary the gadget guy

    I will be online on 28th of december or january and at 6’O clock at the ice rink at the server big foot so good luck goodbye guys

  27. Rockhoppper

    Yarr Mateys! Me and Yarr saw a lot of penguins when we were on Club Penguin. Yarr stole me magic hat and me key. So I ran around the Migator and cought Yarr mateys. Me and Yarr are very sad to be leaving Club Penguin. Gary the Gadget Guy is working on some new inventions for y’all mateys. Have Fun On Club Penguin.


    Rockhopper and Yarr

    (P.S. Gary is having some problems, so someone find him and give him some help mateys.)

  28. ben bob1

    we all know that you are NOT rockhopper, sensei, or gary because they won’t even know what this site is! bitch

  29. grand178

    I compleated the game and bought everything and i did not get the stamp why is that

  30. grand178

    nvm i got it now

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    Club Penguin Game Day Stamps This web site is really a stroll-by means of for the entire information you wanted about this and didn’t know who to ask. Glimpse right here, and also you’ll undoubtedly discover it. Regards, Indonesia Furniture

  32. cadence

    hey penguins!!! today I play and i win the estamps! i like to dance

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