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Club Penguin Halloween Costumes

The annual Club Penguin Halloween Party 2010 is coming back soon and like every year, it’s been planned to be another spooky success. Club Penguin has already released the October 2010 Styles Catalog, which contains exactly 3 new Halloween Costumes. These new Club Penguin Halloween Costumes are the Lady FrankenpenguinWitch, the Count and the Rad Scientist.

In the new Club Penguin Styles Catalog, you can also find some old HalloweenCostumes that were released in the passed Halloween Parties. These Club Penguin Halloween Costumes are called the Mummy, Pharaoh, Cleo, Faery, Rad Scientist, Bee and Wizard Bizzard.

Old Costumes

There are many other Club Penguin Halloween Costumes that have been released, but aren’t in the October 2010 Styles Catalog. If you are an old member, you will know that some of the old Halloween Costumes are theGhost, Skeleton, Frankenstein and Clown. There are many other oldcostumes aside from these, but aren’t as popular and are rarely seen.

Non-Member Costumes

Are you a Non-Member and disappointed you can’t wear any of thesecostumes? Well, you should be more happy than members. A Non-Member has tons of clothing that members don’t really care about, which means you can use those special items to create something.. epic. Some ideas for a Club Penguin Non-Member Costume would be a pirate, leprechaun, ninja,  wizard, DJ and much more!

Well, that’s most of all the Halloween Costumes on Club Penguin. Don’t forget that when the Club Penguin Halloween Party starts, there will be a Member-Only room full of more Halloween Costumes! Also, keep in mind that while you choose a Halloween Costume, be creative! You can mix up a whole bunch of scary items and still look like you are participating in Halloween. Are YOU excited for the Club Penguin Halloween Party 2010? Leave a comment and let us know!

-Credit for post goes to ClubPenguinCP


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  1. BlueBlur86

    If only nonmembers could wear cooler clothes…:s

  2. Stiche04

    Fever I can’t believe there aren’t hundreds of comments on your site like before! I’m surprised that barely anyone comments on here and looks at this stuff and yet you keep on working on it! It’s like starting over from scratch! I’m sorry fever! :(

  3. frannyha

    cp should realise a free non member halloween costume at this party!

  4. frannyha

    and im suprised the ghost costume isnt back

  5. frannyha

    because it was really pouplar!

  6. Evee331

    I’m santa for halloween on cp

  7. jk kid

    well heres the funny thing i checked that blog just now and that post and now im reading it again gosh

  8. saka98

    Two hundred fourty three posts. Rounded to two hundred. weridness. P.S Is this wordpress or blogger?

  9. Rockhopper

    Arrrr these kids arnt sopost to know these cheats!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Atrakcje Halloween

    I really don’t be aware generate an income appeared here, nonetheless idea this specific post had been great. I really don’t find out the person you may very well be but you will any well-known tumblr if you aren’t presently. Cheers!

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