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How to be an EPF Agent on Club Penguin without being invited

There’s now a way to become an EPF agent without having to be invited by other EPF agents!

If you’re not an EPF agent, then follow these simple steps below:

1. Go inside the Coffee Shop.
2. Go to the stairs right next to the ”Play Beans” game.

3. Now, walk up to the book shelf. Once you’re there, click on the book shelf.

4. Now, click on the ”Yearbook 2009 – 1010”, and go to page 13.

Once you’re on page 13, click on the word ”EPF” on the Everyday Phone Facility and word ”EPF” should be red.

6. Once the letters “EPF” have turned red, click the Spy Phone in the red EPF Agent’s flipper and the light on the top of it should also turn red.

7. The following screen will now appear, click “Go There” to go to the EverydayPhoning Facility and take the test to join the Elite Penguin Force!

Do you like this cheat? Are you an Elite Penguin Force agent? Comment and let me know! Check out the Elite Penguin Force guide to see how to complete the test


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  1. anonymous

    They’re making things way to easy around the game.

  2. Pickled Underwear

    Awesome stuff

  3. Lol


  4. Lol


  5. Pri

    amazing……… now i m a epf agent…. yahooooooooo

  6. sancjk

    its not working for me. it lights up, no message. HELP

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