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Club Penguin 1,000 Coins Codes September 2012

Recently, Club Penguin released a brand new version of their magazine in Brazil. The magazine is written in portuguese, one of the main languages Club Penguin provides us with. This time, they also included a boost of 1,000 coins. This can be accessed with the use of the coin codes that are published in the issue. The Club Penguin Cheats has provided a full guide on how to receive your free 1,000 coins.

  1. Go to the Club Penguin homepage and click “Play Now
  2. Following that, login with your penguin account details.
  3. Before selecting a server, press the top right button which says “Unlock items online“.
  4. After you are guided to the specific page, you should be able to see two choices. The one reads “I ‘ve got a Book” and the other one “I’ve got a Code”. This time, please select “I’ve got a Code”.

After you followed all the above steps, take the time to enter the following codes:

  • ARTICO20

You should have successfully unlocked your free 1,000 coins.

Thanks for viewing our guide! ¬†Today’s question is: What do you plan to buy with your coins? Are you going to save up in order to purchase something later? Feel free to let our community know, simply by leaving your thoughts in a comment below.

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