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Club Penguin Field Ops #99 Cheats

Last week, Club Penguin released the 99th Field Ops mission along with a few other updates such as the September 2012 furniture catalog (better igloos). The Club Penguin Cheats are here to bring you the cheats for the 99th Field Ops mission.

First of all, as always, go to the EPF room and click the notice board. You will then receive your orders from Club Penguin’s agent Gary the Gadget Guy. Once you’ve read and understood your orders, press “Accept Field-Op”.

If you cannot read the message, it reads:

 With the Fair in town, we’ll need to increase island security. There will be large crowds, so we don’t want an incident. Head to the Forest, and power up a security scanner. That’s where the Great Puffle Circus will be. And so shall we.

Once you’ve read the instructions and accepted the field-op, open your map and head over to the Forest. That is where the field op is located. Below is a picture of field op 99′s exact location. Once you’re at that location, your spy phone will ring and turn green. Once it is ringing, click the phone and engage into your field op mission.

Open up your spy phone and engage into this week’s field op. This mission, you are going to power up the machines with your battery and when all the machines are powered you will have completed the mission and receive an EPF medal. If you run out of power, you can travel to the charger and power up your battery.

It can be a bit tricky and it may take a few tries to get the hang of it. The screenshot above was from my “Club Penguin Updates – Episode 2″ video. If you have completed this week’s mission, congratulations! Be sure to come back here for next week’s mission, which will be Field Ops number 100! Leave a comment if you thought this field op was hard or easy below.


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