Club Penguin Times Issue #360 - Club Penguin Cheats 2014



Club Penguin Times Issue #360

Along with all the other updates (such as Club Penguin Field Ops #99) Club Penguin have released a brand new issue of their newspaper ‘Club Penguin Times’. This is the 360th issue and it is about the upcoming annual Fall Fair which Club Penguin’s tree-hugging mascot Rookie. Speak of the devil, the first article is by Rookie and is talking about the fair.

… And the second issue is by Rookie as well! Rookie sure has taken over the Club Penguin Times newspaper this week… In this article, Rookie is talking about the ‘fair furniture’ in the Better Igloos catalog.

… And of course there is an Upcoming Updates section which will tell us what updates will be occurring in the near future for Club Penguin.

The upcoming updates are:

  • Furniture Catalog
  • Fair decorating
  • New pin

Are you looking forward to the fair? Leave a comment below with your opinion! I know I am.

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