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Club Penguin Party Information

The upcoming party this month is the Puffle Circus. Therefore, as always, Club Penguin has listed some of the main features that are coming to the party. Here we have provided a picture of the Party Information.

If you are not able to view the image for some reason, it reads:

The Fair (Sep 20th – October 2nd)

Explore and transform the Club Penguin island.

Come one, come all to a colourful place of crazy outfits, mini-games, and even the Great Puffle Circus where puffles will amaze you with death defying tricks!

Best of all, members and non-members will earn tickets, and trade them for incredible Fair prizes… And if you are lucky you can also get to meet Rookie!


Sounds awesome! I can’t wait to meet Rookie and experience the whole new Fair features! What about yourself? Leave your comments below, and we will be more than happy to reply.

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  1. Shalwo

    Can you please give me a free membership even if its only 7 days.please send it to my email :)

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