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Club Penguin Field Ops #100 Cheats

Today is the 20th of September and Club Penguin have released many different updates! The biggest update is the Club Penguin fall fair but in this post The Club Penguin Cheats will show you how to complete the 100th field op mission. First, as always, log in to Club Penguin and head over to the EPF Command Room. You can open the Club Penguin map, go to the ski village and pass through the Everyday Phoning Facility or you can teleport to the EPF Command Room via your EPF Spy Phone. Once you are in the EPF Command room, click the notice board and then you will receive your orders from Gary the Gadget Guy.

If you cannot read Gary’s message, it reads: Agents – right now Rookie is helping with the Fair, so let’s help him make sure things run smoothly. The Fair games should all be fine, but check the neon signs, and make sure they’re functioning safely. This week’s field op is located at the fair-decorated Ski Hill. So open your Club Penguin map and head over to the ski hill. Below is a picture of where the field op is. When you head over to that location, your spy phone will ring and flash green. Once it flashes green, open your spy phone and engage to this week’s mission.

So head over to that location. Your spy phone will now be flashing green. Open your spy phone and hit the “engage” button to start Field Ops 100. This week’s mission is to power up the chip-set, which is exactly what we did last week in Field Ops #99!

Once you have completed the mission you will receive a message from Gary and an EPF medal which you can spend on EPF gear. If you have completed the field ops, congratulations! You have saved the island once again. Was it easy or hard? It’s pretty easy. The chip-set missions are the easiest! Enjoying the fair? Leave a comment about anything you want to talk about below!



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  1. cp lover

    did it already (btw) i am lady gaga>

  2. cp lover

    las vegas is awesome

  3. cp lover

    bye bye penguins

  4. rookie

    Greetings Penguins!

    I hope you’ve been enjoying all the Fair games and have been collecting all the prizes.

    Rookie has been spotted around the island. So if you haven’t had a chance to meet him yet, keep reading to find out some times and servers you might be able to meet him this weekend.
    here is info on how to find me


    Friday 21 – 5:00pm Penguin Standard Time – Powder Ball
    Saturday 22 – 10:00am Penguin Standard Time – Marshmallow
    Sunday 23 – 10:00am Penguin Standard Time – Ice Box

    Waddle On! :)

    -Club Penguin Team

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