Club Penguin Triple Scoop Pin Cheat - Club Penguin Cheats 2015



Club Penguin Triple Scoop Pin Cheat

Club Penguin have released a new pin which is especially themed for The Fair which is the party that is currently on the island. This pin is a triple scoop ice cream (yum!) and it is located at the Ski Lodge. To obtain this new Club Penguin pin, open your Club Penguin map, head over to the Ski Village and walk into the Ski Lodge. You can do that or you can teleport to the Ski Lodge via your EPF spy phone. Below is a picture of the exact location of the Triple Scoop pin. Go to that location and you will be able to add the Triple Scoop pin ino your Club Penguin inventory.

This is the tastiest Club Penguin pin EVER! Not that I play Moshi Monsters, but this looks like an ice cream you can create in an ice cream game on Moshi Monsters. Are you enjoying the fair? Have you got this pin yet? Leave a comment with whatever you want to talk about below, we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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