Club Penguin EPF Message From Rookie September 20 - Club Penguin Cheats 2014



Club Penguin EPF Message From Rookie September 20

Yesterday, Rookie the Club Penguin mascot sent all Club Penguin agents a message on our EPF Spy Phone. According to this message, Rookie almost ruined the Fall Fair party (the current Club Penguin party) which isn’t a surprise. He almost blew up the Great Puffle Circus. How did he do that? Where did he get the bombs from? ROOKIE!

If you are not able to read the message, it reads: Hey everyone, the Fair is going great! I almost blew up the Puffle Circus, but everything worked out okay. Phew! Hope you’re all having fun! - Of course we are enjoying the Club Penguin fair, Rookie. Just don’t ruin it for us and PUT THAT AWAY!

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