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Club Penguin Fall Fair Party 2012 Cheats

The annual Fall Fair party has released on the island of Club Penguin! As usual, we have the full guide here at Watex’s Club Penguin Cheats. Here is the full guide:


Items at the Fall Fair Party 2012 on Club Penguin

Located at the forest, the non member ticket booth is the destination for the Fall Fair Party 2012 if you want to purchase items with the tickets you earned from playing games.

Located outside the Great Puffle Circus, which can be accessed via the forest, is the member only ticket booth, where you can purchase premium items at a low ticket price.

To get the Step Up Background, waddle over to the Ski Village and stand on the Star stand, click the camera and you should get the Step Up Background!

 Redesigned Club Penguin Rooms 

 These are the redesigned rooms for the Fall Fair Party, which in my opinion, look staggering. They are;

The Ski Village

club penguin cheats

The Stadium

club penguin cheats

The Dock

club penguin cheats

Snow Forts

club penguin cheats

The Beach

club penguin cheats

The Cove

club penguin cheats

Well, that’s it for this year’s Fall Fair guide, and I think it was just the same as the previous one. Let’s hope the Halloween Party will be better. What;s your opinion? Comment with your thoughts!

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    Hi when do you think that more prizes are going to come please reply thank you.

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