Club Penguin Purple Dragon Code And Sensei Meet-Up Times



Club Penguin Purple Dragon Code And Sensei Meet-Up Times

Club Penguin has uploaded a brand new video on their official YouTube channel involving Chinese New Years. Club Penguin usually doesn’t celebrate Chinese New Years on the Island but since this year is occasional, they did it anyway. In the video featuring Club Penguin moderators Chattabox, Daffodaily5, and Ninja, talking about Chinese New Years, and Sensei meeting up on Club Penguin! Additionally, to celebrate the new years, Club Penguin has given us a Dragon Costume code which will unlock a Dragon Costume and Dragon Feet Items. The code is reusable and can be used for all penguins if they are a member or not.

Club Penguin Sensei Meet-Up Video

Sensei will visit on the island on February 11 on the server Mountain at the Dojo at the time of 4 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time, 4 PM Pacific Standard Time and 4 PM Greenwich Mean Time.  In order to unlock the Dragon Costume, log on to Club Penguin and go to the unlocks page. Then enter to follow code HAPPYCNY. Now you have a full dragon outfit added to your penguin! As you see in the image below, you will see what will happen once you unlocked it. No additional coins are added to this code.

Dragon Code: HAPPYCNY

Dragon This might be the first time Club Penguin celebrated Chinese New year! Club Penguin does not have a much relation with China with their community. But back in 2010, Club Penguin was going to release a Chinese language of Club Penguin, but they revoked the idea since most players were playing outside of China and people in China don’t usually play Club Penguin. This years Chinese New Year is the year of the snake, but Club Penguin decided to bring a Dragon Costume since they already have a Dragon design on their system. What do you think of the code? Be sure to share your thoughts on Club Penguin Purple Dragon Code And Sensei Meet-Up Times below!


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