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Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Snow Beta Testing 2013!

Around Club Penguin, there are rumors about Card-Jitsu Snow, which have been confirmed to be “True” When Club Penguin released the Beta Testing of Club Penguin’s Card-Jitsu Snow! You can waddle over to the Beta Website by clicking here! – When the page loads, you will come across the play page, which will look different from any other play page that Club Penguin has, it should look like..

Once you click the “Login”button, you will load to the Login page, which you can then type your Username, and Password to your Penguin to login and explore.. Once you login, you will come to a room that should look like this.

Once this room loads, waddle over to the green arrow pointing to the steps on the right hand side, up top, waddle in there, and you will then load a page that has 3 Ninjas on it, fire, water, and snow! Pick your elements, then proceed.

Once you have picked a Ninja, there will be a window that pops up on the left hand side, with what type the Ninja is, and the Damage, Move, and Range the Ninja is.. I have picked “Fire Ninja” Check it out below.

Once you have chosen a Ninja that you would like, Click the “Play” button below, and wait for the game to load. (Note: If it stops loading, it means it is full, try again later!”, once it loads, you will be on the left side with all the other Ninjas, the enemy’s will be on the right!

If an Enemy is close enough, you can attack him with your element, in this case, I am fire, so I will attack him with my Fire!

You can click any space you would like to go, then click on the enemy, if it has the Red circle around him. – And that is all, have fun playing Card Jitsu Snow on Club Penguin’s Beta Testing Website! Comment below on your thoughts about the game.



  1. rosy897

    uh hi i just wanted to help the beta test and test it out. if i am able to do the beta test, please email me. thanks!

  2. rawrxz

    hALLO ok so I know this is old but I DID IT AND ITS LIKE 5/18/13 lol well, bye guyz

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