Club Penguin One Eyed Puffle Pin Cheat - Club Penguin Cheats 2013



Club Penguin One Eyed Puffle Pin Cheat

Club Penguin has yet again released a new collectible pin on the Club Penguin island. Like always, we’ve got the latest cheats in the game. New pins are released every two weeks and after the new pin is released the old pin is no longer obtainable. This new pin is known as the “One Eyed Puffle” and can be found at the berg. Please use our offical text guide to find this pin:

Club Penguin One Eyed Puffle Pin Text Guide

  1. Log onto Club Penguin and pick a server of your choice. 
  2. Go to the berg using either your map or spy phone.
  3. Waddle over to the pin as shown below by my penguin and simply click on it to pick it up.
  4. Once you have done so, a blue screen will appear. Click “Yes” and it’ll be added to your inventory.

Club Penguin


Congratulations, you have successfully located and obtained the One Eyed Puffle pin. This pin fits very well with the overall theme at the Monsters University Takeover, wouldn’t you agree? As usual, the next Club Penguin pin will pin will be available in two weeks. What are your thoughts on this pin? Are you going to place it on your player card? Let us know by commenting below, we’d love to hear what you have to say.


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