Club Penguin Teen Beach Movie Takeover Summer Jam Announcement - Club Penguin Cheats 2015



Club Penguin Teen Beach Movie Takeover Summer Jam Announcement

Hello penguins!

As many of you penguins already know, this year a Teen Beach Movie Summer Jam will be taking place within the Club Penguin island; or better advertised as the ‘Surf’s Up! Party’. This party or takeover will start in late-August. Without further ado, a Club Penguin Announcement Video has been released privately, advertising the takeover. Brady and Chi-Chi from Teen Beach Movie commentate and give us various expectations and sneak peeks of the upcoming takeover.

Club Penguin Teen Beach Movie Takeover Summer Jam Announcement

Click on the picture to view the Club Penguin video!

Click on the picture to view the Club Penguin video!

Although I am usually not too keen on Disney related films, or Club Penguin Takeovers, I do think that the final result of this Summer Jam will be brilliant, don’t you think? Throughout the video, they both give us some sneak peeks of various rooms and mini-games. Here’s an insider of a possible surfing Competition mini game, demonstrated by Polo Field and Ninja:

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 8.34.08 PM

You may have noticed, that Polo Field and Ninja are both using a different, and unreleased Surf Board; with a new design in which are currently un-available for purchase. Now, the next screen shot, in which I am going to share with the Club Penguin Cheats community, shows what I presume, is the Snow Forts room. By the current looks of things, it’s been transformed into a snack shop. Check it out:

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 8.36.01 PM

Doesn’t it look fantastic? I’m still uncertain, in which room this may be. However, as already explained I do predict that this room is either going to be the Snow Forts room, or the Cove. Tell me your thoughts on what room it’s in, by commenting below. Now, the next sneak peek I’m going to show you, shows a stage with flash-lights and plants around it:

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 8.39.31 PM

Brilliant! I wonder whether this stage set will take place on the Ice Berg? Don’t you? Well, don’t forget to leave your thoughts about this exclusive sneak peek video, by commenting below this post. Are you excited for such a takeover, after you have seen this video? I know that I sure am!

As always: have a great day and waddle on,



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