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Club Penguin November 2013 Penguin Style Cheats

Recently, the Penguin Style has been updated. The Penguin Style Catalog is located in the Clothes Shop (formerly known as Gift Shop), the catalog is now updated for the 11th time this year, as this is the 11th month in the year. The updated catalog includes many variety of clothes. Let’s check out the catalog, shall we?

The November 2013 Penguin Style Cover looks like this:


The first cheat in the following catalog is located on the second page. Simply click the black puffle’s glasses, you get a flashlight which costs only 120 coins. The second cheat is located on the same page as well, click the Shock Top to obtain Vintage Boots, costing 400 coins.


The third cheat is located on the third page, click the blue penguins left hand to obtain a Checked Crop Coat which costs 400 coins. The fourth cheat is located on the same page, click the yellow penguins glasses in order to obtain Brown Leather Boots, which costs 200 coins.


The 5th cheat is located on the next page, click the yellow goggles and you will be able to obtain a Canoeing Outfit, costing 400 coins also.


The 6th and final cheat is located on the next page, click Black and Green two-tone hoodie to obtain The Bad Hair Day, also costs 400 coins.

Untitled4 (1)

This month;s catalog contains 6 cheats, this is an amazing job done by the Club Penguin Team. There are many new items, but which one of them is your favourite? Have you bought some of the items in the following catalog? Let us know your answers in the comments below.


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