Free Club Penguin Memberships & Coin Codes 2014

Hey you! Yes, you! You’re probably here for a completely free Club Penguin Memberships as well as free Club Penguin coin codes – don’t be disappointed – you were right to come!

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[important] Free Club Penguin Memberships & Coin Codes 2014[/important]

Step 1: Make a Twitter Account! (quick & easy)

Click on and go down to this section where it says “Sign up”.


Step 2: Search for JammerDjCP on your address bar.


This way you can get to my Twitter profile. This step is required in order to move on with the next step.

Step 3: Follow JammerDjCP.


By following me you enter a monthly raffle during which I will choose 2 followers. One will get a membership code, and another one will get a coin code.

If you are currently signed in to your twitter account, you can click the button below to follow me.


As I said, I will be giving away 2 codes. One membership code, and one coin code.

Step 4: Comment on several recent posts on this blog.

Commenting on our blog is optional, but you get an extra chance of being picked to win our monthly twitter raffle! (The more frequently you comment, the more the chances of being picked!)



That’s it folks! If you followed all the steps above, you will able to be entered into my monthly raffle. In a few words, here’s how it works: Each month, I randomly pick 2 of my followers and give them the two codes – as simple as that!

What are you waiting for? Enter now!


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    But the strange thins is:|…
    Nah kidding!