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This tracker will tell you where Sensei is if he is online. Make sure to keep refreshing the page to keep it updated.

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About Sensei:

Sensei is one of the hardest mascots to find on Club Penguin. Sensei only visits the island in November, when the Card-Jitsu party is here. Sensei is a Gray penguin, and he wears a rice hat. If you meet Sensei on Club Penguin, click on his player card, and send him a friend request, and get his background.

Tips on finding Sensei:

  • Sensei can be found on crowded servers during peak hours of the day when most penguins are online. Sensei is usually online when he visits, but he takes breaks every few hours.
  • Sensei only is online for about 10-15 minutes. Sensei’s favorite servers are Blizzard, Mammoth, Frozen, Sleet, Zipline, and Yeti.
  • Sensei can be found in rooms such as the Tallest Mountain, Ninja Hideout, Dojo, Fire Dojo, Water Dojo, and the Ninja Training room.