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Club Penguin Fun Fact of the Day #5

Did you know that the Box Dimension first became a room in 2009’s April Fools Party? Well, maybe some of the older users knew about this and were there for the release. The Box Dimension is an alternative dimension from Club Penguin. It used to only be available from an igloo item called the “Box Portal”, but is now always available in the attic of the puffle lounge, due to the remodeling of it in early 2015.

Box Dimension Current

Anniversary Party Ideas

Hey everyone,

If you have been following me on twitter lately or reading my personal blog, you would know that I quit playing Club Penguin routinely.

That being said, I will still be visiting on special occasions when I have time. One of those times will definitely be October 24th, 2015. That is Club Penguin’s huge 10th Anniversary!

Back in March, I posted on the Club Penguin Wiki with my idea for what Club Penguin should do for it’s tenth anniversary. Here’s a little excerpt from what I said:

My proposal for Club Penguin is that Gary should make a Time Machine in the Coffee Shop or Book Room during the Anniversary Party this year, and for the penguins that want to, they can warp back to old party rooms from way back when! Bring the old Coffee Shop back, bring the old Town back, bring the old map back… That would be a once in a lifetime experience for all you young kids, and for the older ones like us, I think it would bring back all the great memories of the game that shaped our childhood.


I liked what they did for the eighth anniversary by putting old Club Penguin items and memories in the Coffee Shop. Now it’s time to take another step and warp us back to the old game. It would bring many penguins back to Club Penguin for that week or two and it will give Club Penguin an old flow that it hasn’t had for a long time.

I know this idea isn’t very likely with one penguin, but you see how Club Penguin listens to the community, and I know that if we get enough of you behind this idea, we can make it happen.

You can read the whole article here

Well, I never really thought they would do this, but believe it or not, they are!

Club Penguin has posted three different blog posts in the last three days asking penguins which party rooms they should bring back for the 10th Anniversary Party in the Beach, Pizza Parlor, and Cove.

So far, we believe that the Adventure Party 2009 has won for the Beach, and the Submarine Party 2008 won for the Pizza Parlor.

These are two awesome parties that I enjoyed very much. I am very glad that they are bringing them back.

With all this being said, this is an example of how Club Penguin really does listen to us, the community. They are using an idea that many people wanted to happen and they are making it happen.

I have seen a lot of really cool ideas to add on to this “Throwback Party” for the tenth anniversary. I’m going to share some of them here with you.

Happyblue128, a great friend of mine, who actually worked on back in 2011 with me, had this great idea:

Club Penguin wouldn’t have happened without the employees, and wouldn’t be happening today without its employees. They deserve their very own room during the Anniversary Party!

Pen50gi suggested this amazing idea: 

I would love if they did that! Club Penguin should warp us back to where it all started on its tenth anniversary!

And last but not least, another one of my ideas, Club Penguin should make the famous “Old Blue” color available during the Anniversary Party. This color dates back to Penguin Chat, but has never been released. Talk about a blast to the past!

Once again, I would like to say that I am absolutely thrilled that Club Penguin is bringing back old rooms for their 10th Anniversary Party. It will bring back so many memories from my childhood!

Now it is your turn. Comment below your ideas for the party, and I may post them in the future. I assure you, Club Penguin is listening! They always do.


Club Penguin Fun Fact of the Day #4

Did you know that golden puffles were originally only a legend? Yes, gold puffles didn’t always exist, but signs of its existence were all around the island before its release in 2013. Here are some of the more well known appearances.

1) In the P.S.A. mission ” The Waddle Squad”, Herbert P. Bear (as mentioned in post #1 of this series) wants to steal the “golden” puffle that is apparently rare. However, it eventually just ends up being a lure to attract Herbert. NoBIGBOOKw, what’s disappointing about this is that its only a statue version, not a real puffle that is alive, but it may have been a reveal of the later release of them.


2) In “Penguin Tales: ’07” there is a story called ” Quest for the Golden Puffle” . This was a fan written story, but this story may have led to the party when the golden puffles were first found, because it took the same name. ” Quest for the Golden Puffle” . 

Club Penguin Fun Theory of the Day? #3

Did you know that it might be possible to tip the iceberg? Many clues given around the island have revealed as such. Here is some evidence to prove that theory.

1) In the book room, there is a book called the “Spice of Life” about two penguins who are bored and are looking for something to do. One passage suggests that one of them claimed he was going to tip the iceberg. As the passage suggest, the other one denies that it is Thespiceoflifepossible.

“Today’s the day. I can feel it in my flippers.”

“Smulley, you know as well as I do that the Iceberg doesn’t tip.”

“Yes! Yes it does!” Smulley jumped up on a chair. “My neighbor said he saw it.”

“We’ve gone over this before,”Suneroo sighed. “Your neighbor is a couple flakes short of a snowball, if you know what I mean.”

“He’s not crazy,”Smulley pouted.

“Smulley, “Suneroo said with a grimace, “he also said that you could get more coins if you flew through Jet Pack Adventure without collecting any! Does that make sense to you?”Image result for cp lodge attic iceberg picture


“See?” Suneroo triumphed. So “why do you even bother listening to him?”

But the suspicious thing about this book is Smulley’s neighbor. It says that he saw the iceberg tipping, and that it was possible, but also says that if you go through Jet Pack Adventure without collecting coins, that you earn more, which is TRUE. If you go through Jet Pack Adventure without collecting coins, you are rewarded with more at the end. So maybe Smulley’s neighbor isn’t the crazy one…

2) There is a picture hanging on the left side of the room. This same picture was  featured in the Halloween Party of 2014. This photo shows the ice berg tipping.



Club Penguin Fun Fact of the Day #2

Did you know that Puffle “P.H.” Handler has been a mascot ever since the E.P.F. started in Club Penguin? Her main purpose was to teach E.P.F. agents how to train Elite Puffles. However, in 2012, during the Puffle Party, she became a meetable mascot. When she was only part of the E.P.F. , her penguin color was a pink/peach color and she could only be seen wearing a whistle and a cowboy hat. Now, she is a loved mascot and has been the official mascot for all the Puffle Parties after 2012, and her color is brown. She can now be seen wearing the “P.H’s Hat” with a body item called the P.H. outfit” .

Image result for puffle handler cp epfImage result for puffle handler cp epf              P.H’s former look                                         P.H’s current look

Club Penguin Fun Fact of the Day

Before I begin, I just want to say that this is a new series on It will probably be posted everyday, with the exception of holidays and certain times that I cannot post them. With that said, let me begin.

Did you know that Herbert P. Bear first made his appearance on Club Penguin during mission 5 of the P.S.A. ” Secrets of the Fur”? This mission was first released on November 5, 2007. This mission’s basic plot is you found white fur (in the previous mission) and take it to G. He makes you insert it into a machine called the ” Furensic Analyzer 3000″  . You later find out that you need to collect 3 items to activate glasses that can see footprints. Then, you find where the footprints lead and you find a polar bear. You capture his sidekick ” Klutzy” and take him back to G.


SPOILER: August Party Hints?

Hey everyone, Jdan1001 here with some spoilers!

A good friend of mine, Pen50gi, found some interesting information while surfing through Club Penguin’s files that may have given us some information about the party that will take place in August. (CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE)



As you can see in the pictures above, there are messages for the “Fashion Party,” which leads us to believe that next month’s party will indeed be a Fashion related party!

At first, I didn’t think that it was a good idea, but as I think about it more, I believe that it is long overdue. We have so many clothing items in the game to celebrate!

Also in the files, there are messages for a “Rockstar Challenge,” which is an event where you can submit your favorite outfit to be voted on by your peers. May the best outfit win!

Once again, I would like to thank Pen50gi for these spoilers.

What do you think about these spoilers? Are you excited for the party? Leave a comment!


Inside Out Party is here!!!

Hey everyone,

Club Penguin has updated the Club Penguin island into Inside Out Party all around, and you should help Rockhopper’s emotion before August 5th[Before its too late!]. Today, l will help you with all of these as a walkthrough, and will get you into the perfect shap + New pin hidden at the Dock! You will not get in lost! Click read more.

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