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Club Penguin Times Issue #458

A new issue of the Club Penguin Times has been released. The main article is about the Turbo Race 3000.






The second article is about Cadence reminiscing about the Music Jam, which has just ended.


Upcoming events.


What was your favorite part of the Music Jam? Leave a comment below!

-Dhi228, The Club Penguin Cheats Author

Club Penguin Turbo Race 3000 Is Here!

The Turbo Race 3000 event can now be accessed in the Stadium. When you get to the Stadium, you will be placed inside a car matching your penguin’s color. Then, when the race starts, you will have to drive three laps around the track. There are many checkpoints that you will have to pass through to complete a level.


If the checkpoint is lighted, it means that you have passed through it and if it isn’t, you have not drove through it. There are no prizes for finishing at 1st place in the competition, unfortunately. However, there are free race-related items for both non-members and members.


The non-member item is the Go-Karter Helmet while the member item is the Go-Karter Jacket.

How has this event been so far? Race there as much as possible as you can, as it only will be here for a week.

-Dhi228, The Club Penguin Cheats Author


Club Penguin Frozen Homepage Update

Since the Music Jam has ended, Club Penguin may finally release more updates about the upcoming Frozen Party. The first of those updates is an update to their homepage.



You may acquire a free Ice Palace Igloo during the party, which lasts from August 21 – September 3. Also, the Frozen Party will have the honor of being the first party which can be accessed from the Club Penguin App on the App Store!

Are you excited for the Frozen Takeover? The movie seemed O.K. for me but I’m not a fan of movie takeovers. Will this party be a major success or a flop? Only time will tell.

-Dhi228, The Club Penguin Cheats Author

Club Penguin Music Jam 2014 – Day 5 of free items

Today is Day 10 of this year’s Music Jam Party. From now on, we’ll be able to obtain two new free items, one for non-members, two for members. Non-Members will be able to obtain the MP300 Bling Edition, it’s a different version of the MP300, whereas Members will be able to obtain the Urban Diva Outfit. In order to obtain the following items, you’ll have to click on the Music Jam Schedule, it’s on the top right corner your screen. Click on ” Collect ” so you could obtain the items.



That is all for today, there’s not much to do in this year’s Music Jam, hopefully the upcoming party will be better, and next year’s Music Jam should be better. Come back next time, right here on for more cheats, hints, tips, glitches, and more!.


Zendaya Starts Performing Today!

Zendaya has started performing on Club Penguin’s Music Cruise. She will be making her second appearance in Club Penguin after appearing before in the Ultimate Jam 2012 as Rocky from Disney Channel’s Shake It Up.

To obtain her background, click her penguin when she is performing.

Screenshot at Jul 25 20-38-24

Here is how the background looks like on my penguin.

Screenshot at Jul 25 20-39-26

Do you like this background? I’m pretty sure it was splendid! As Zendaya will be the last performer of the Music Jam, we are currently able to get every performer’s background until the end of the party. Which was your favourite party? Leave a comment below!

-Dhi228, The Club Penguin Cheats Author



Club Penguin EPF Message By Gary- July 25 2014

Gary has sent us a new EPF message on our spy phones. It is about the Racer 3000 having an issue. Here is the message.

Screenshot at Jul 25 20-13-24

‘Some minor setbacks have occurred with the Racer 3000s. Don’t mind the explosions. Everything is on track for next week!’

Are you excited for the Turbo Race 3000 next week? I’m sure that Gary is! Tell us in the comments whether you are excited too.

-Dhi228, The Club Penguin Cheats Author

New Club Penguin Music Jam Items!

Club Penguin has released two new items for the Music Jam. The Here Comes Treble shirt is for members only, while the Girl Next Door Guitar is for everyone.


The Girl Next Door guitar is currently not collectible as there is a glitch with the item. As soon as Club Penguin fixes this glitch, this post will be updated with a notice.

UPDATE: The Girl Next Door Guitar can now be collected as Club Penguin has fixed the glitch.

-Dhi228, The Club Penguin Cheats Author

New Club Penguin Pin- Cruise Ship Pin

Club Penguin has removed the previous Life Preserver Pin at the Forest. As a result, a new pin has been released at the Cove.



Do you like this pin? I guess it looks average…it would have been better if it was an exact replica of the Music Cruise.

-Dhi228, The Club Penguin Cheats Author.


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