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Club Penguin Frozen Party 2014 Walkthrough (Warning : SPOILERS!)

The highly anticipated Frozen Party has started today! When you log into Club Penguin, a pop-up of Elsa, Anna and Olaf will appear. The first pop-up shows Anna telling us that Elsa has brought magic snowflakes, which are to be collected if we want to earn prizes

Screenshot at Aug 21 19-20-42


The heart emote is the only way to melt ice. So, you could change how a building looks like simply by using this emote!

Screenshot at Aug 21 19-21-10


On the top right hand corner of your screen, there will be a pink snowflake icon. Click on it.

Screenshot at Aug 21 19-33-49


You may collect the free Ice Palace Igloo on this page. From here, you may count the number of snowflakes you have earned to earn the prizes.

Screenshot at Aug 21 19-34-31

Here are the list of rooms with snowflakes in them

  • Beach
  • Dock
  • Town
  • Snow Forts
  • Plaza
  • Forest
  • Cove

At the Beach, the snowflakes can be found on two trees and the other one is on the ground.

Screenshot at Aug 21 19-42-27

Screenshot at Aug 21 19-42-42

Screenshot at Aug 21 19-43-04

Next stop, Dock. Over there,the snowflakes are more easier to find. Two are somewhere around the ceiling, while the other one is on the building which leads us to the Beach.

Screenshot at Aug 21 19-46-26

Screenshot at Aug 21 19-46-38

Screenshot at Aug 21 19-46-45

At the Town, there is a snowflake on each building there; the Coffee Shop, Dance Club and Clothes Shop. ( There is a really obvious one at the Coffee Shop but I collected it by mistake before posting this. )

Screenshot at Aug 21 19-53-29


The train is leaving for the Snow Forts! There is a snowflake near the snowman that looks like Olaf, one on the left entrance of the Ice Palace, where Elsa will be performing at on next Thursday. Also, the other snowflake is on a chair at the extreme right of your screen.

Screenshot at Aug 21 19-59-00

Screenshot at Aug 21 19-59-11

Screenshot at Aug 21 19-59-24

Now, head to the Plaza. There is a snowflake on each building; the Pet Shop, Puffle Hotel and the Pizza Parlour. The snowflakes are all around the top of the buildings.

Screenshot at Aug 21 20-05-51


At the Forest, the snowflakes can be found on the left side of the ‘Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post’ , a bench near the bottom of the screen, and the last one is near a stack of hay.

Screenshot at Aug 21 20-09-54

Screenshot at Aug 21 20-10-07

Screenshot at Aug 21 20-10-30

We’re at the Cove, finally. This is the last station, so brace yourselves for some excitement when you collect your prizes! Anyway, they can be found at the top of an umbrella, one is near the pink snowflake logo, and the final one is on the side of a cliff.

Screenshot at Aug 21 20-15-12

Screenshot at Aug 21 20-15-27

Screenshot at Aug 21 20-15-42


That;s it! We have completed the snowflakes quest. Now, it’s time to redeem our prizes!

Screenshot at Aug 21 20-20-44

There are other items I could collect, however, my penguin is currently a non member. Anyway, members could get tons of cool clothes and also, be able to throw snowballs with magic ice, create a Snowman puffle, or even transform into Olaf or Marshmallow. Also, when Elsa starts performing on the 28th August, we will be able to collect an Ice Palace Furniture Pack upon visiting it.

Here are the three new emotes for this party,

Screenshot at Aug 21 20-26-58

Do you like the Frozen Party? It boasts many items which we could collect, but it really is an average party. In case you have forgotten, this party holds the status of being the first party to feature on the Club Penguin App. I hope that the Club Penguin Support improves on this party for its upcoming party.

-Dhi228, The Club Penguin Cheats Author




EXCLUSIVE: Club Penguin Fan Mail : What Is Under the Iceberg?

Hey penguins. A couple of days ago, I sent Club Penguin an email about the rumours of the Iceberg’s ability to be tipped by penguins and whether the shark from the Prehistoric Party would return? They replied to me today, stating that the Iceberg may be tipped if we tried really hard.

Yes, you might be thinking that this isn’t exactly worthy of exclusive content. However, they actually gave away more information than expected. After the line where she stated it MAY be tipped, she added that it would be cool to travel underwater… She neither denied nor accepted the fact that it could tip and yet, the Club Penguin staff member said it would be cool to travel underwater. Meaning that, if we could eventually tip the Iceberg, could we get to travel underwater?

Here is the response I got.

Screenshot at Aug 18 17-12-03

What do you think? Could we possibly swim underwater or find out what was under the Iceberg in the future if it’s gone? This also increases the possibility of penguins being able to tip the Iceberg. Leave a comment below telling us what could be under the Iceberg!

-Dhi228, The Club Penguin Cheats Author


Club Penguin Blog: Frozen Party Video- In Summer

Hey guys. Club Penguin has posted an animated video about Frozen named ‘In Summer’ on their blog. It was a song that could be seen during the actual Frozen movie. Josh Gad, the voice of Olaf the snowman, was the voice actor who sang it. Basically, the soundtrack was made by Disney’s Frozen cast, while the animation of this video is made by Club Penguin. Check it out below.

‘Summer is probably the best time of the year! Even our snowman puffle thinks so :D
Watch him sing along to Disney’s Frozen song ‘In Summer’

What’s your favorite thing about summer? Share it in the comments below!
Waddle on,
-Club Penguin Team
Haha, though I don’t like Frozen that much, this song made me feel really relaxed. Do you like the animation of this video more? Or do you prefer the original movie sequence? Here is the song performed by Olaf during the movie.

-Dhi228, The Club Penguin Cheats Author

New EPF Message By Rookie

Rookie has sent us an EPF message regarding the upcoming Frozen Party, where Arendelle meets Club Penguin. In this week’s message, he wrote that there were probably no villains planning to attack us. He also mentioned something about…*cough* anvils *cough* and cursed candies…



‘Heya agent buddies! We have visitors from Arendelle coming. Let’s get the island ready. No villains, okay?! Or anvils… or cursed candy… or…’

Hmm, Rookie seems like he just wreaked havoc by buying too many anvils or getting cursed candy accidentally. Anyway, are you excited for the Frozen Party? Leave a comment below!

-Dhi228, The Club Penguin Cheats Author

Club Penguin – August 2014 Furniture & Igloo Catalog Cheats

August’s Furniture & Igloo Catalog has arrived! All the furniture is made for the Frozen Party, which is coming up very soon! There are no hidden items within the new items of the catalog.




You can make your igloo fit for snow royalty with these new items! Let us know what you think in the comments.

Club Penguin Times Issue #460

This week’s issue of the Club Penguin Times has been released! Inside, there’s more information regarding the Frozen Party.


The second article is written by Rookie, on his adventure in the forest:

The upcoming events:


I can’t wait for the Frozen Party, since there’s so many exciting features on the way! Let us know in a comment if you’re feeling excited too.

Club Penguin Youtube: Frozen Party Trailer

Club Penguin has added a new trailer on their Youtube channel regarding the upcoming Frozen Party.

The main highlight of this video is that you may be able to transform into your favorite Frozen characters and apparently, we are also able to change the design of some buildings simply by throwing snowballs.



Anyway, here is the video.



Initially, I had my doubts over a Frozen themed party. However, this sneak peek might actually change my views of Frozen being childish. Did you guys enjoy the video? Leave a comment below telling us how good the sneak peek was on a scale of 1-10.

-Dhi228, The Club Penguin Cheats Author

Treasure Book Updated- August 7 2014

Today, of all days, Club Penguin has finally updated their Treasure Book. You may access the Treasure Book when you enter the Clothes Shop and click on the bottom right icon.


You may also access it when you log into Club Penguin and click the ‘Unlock Items Online’ icon.



Anyway, here is the content in this updated version of the Treasure Book.








The other items are the puffles and coins. I really like the Leather Bracelets, too bad that I don’t have a coin code to redeem them. What is your favorite item for this updated version of the Treasure Book? Tell us in the comments!

-Dhi228. The Club Penguin Cheats Author



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