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Club Penguin Youtube: Sabrina Carpenter On Music Jam- Disney Channel’s Game On

Sabrina Carpenter , who is featured in this year’s Music Jam as a performer, is on a commercial for Disney Channel’s Game On and Club Penguin’s Youtube Channel. Here’s the video

Haha, I’m getting the feeling that Sabrina doesn’t even know that she’s on Club Penguin! Maybe she didn’t even know what Club Penguin was until this commercial. Anyway, did you like the video? Tell us in the comments section.

-Dhi228, The Club Penguin Cheats Author.

Club Penguin Blog- Get In The Mix With Chatta!

Chattabox will be having a party on 22nd July at server Down Under on the Music Cruise’s Buffet Room. Do you want to go to the party? Check out his blog post below.

G’Day Penguins,

Last week we had a puffin’ good time at the Puffle Park – I think we set a record for most penguins on the slide at one time! Crazy!

This week I’ve been mixing it up at the Music Jam party! How much fun is the Sound Studio?! We definitely have a few penguin DJ’s in the making. This week I’m holding a DJ Party (omg!) on board the Music Jam Cruise ship – AMAZING! I want you all to come along, play your mixes and have a good dance! Make sure you wear your ultimate Music Jam outfit and bring along your puffles – they have such rockin’ dance moves.

Lets meet at the buffet on the Music Jam cruise on the Down Under server on Thursday 22nd July. Here are the times:

  • 4pm East Australian Standard Time
  • 6pm New Zealand Standard Time
  • 11pm Penguin Standard Time on Wednesday 21st July for everyone over in the US and Canada
  • 7am on Thursday 22nd July for my pals in the UK.

Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

There will be four parties that you can attend to meet Chattabox. Need help converting the time difference? Don’t worry, just leave a comment below stating your timezone and The Club Penguin Cheats will help you convert them.

-Dhi228, The Club Penguin Cheats Author


Music Jam 2014- Two More Items Unlocked!

Although the Music Jam may arguably be the worst one of all time, at least we are able to get free items every two days. Today, we are able to collect the Beat Dropper Hat and Beat Dropper Costume.


I guess they do look pretty cool, don’t they? What is your favorite party item of this year’s Music Jam? Write to us in the comments!

-Dhi228, The Club Penguin Cheats Author

Club Penguin Blog – Daffo’s Mega Music Jam Par-tay!

Daffodaily5 will be having a pool party at the Music Cruise to celebrate the launch of the Music Jam! It will be on Saturday at 3am Penguin Standard Time at server Alpine.

Here is the full post from the Club Penguin Blog.

With the launch of the Music Jam Party, I thought it would be awesome if we could all hang out and have a massive pool party! So grab your best cozzie and come meet me at the Pool Deck this Sunday, 20th July! Be there for 11am UK time (that’s 3am Penguin Standard Time) on the server Alpine.
Can’t wait to see you all! :)
-Club Penguin Team
Are you going to the party? I definitely am, and I might provide live commentary of the party too if it is really exciting. If you want to go to the party but do not know how to convert the PST or UK time to your local time, leave a comment below so that we may help you find out!
-Dhi228, The Club Penguin Cheats Author

Music Jam 2014- DJ Cole Plante Starts His Performance.

Dj Cole Plante can now be seen performing at the Music Cruise along with Cadence + Penguin Band and Violetta. You may obtain his background by clicking on his penguin’s avatar. Here is how he looks in-game.


If you’re wondering how his background looks on my penguin, scroll below to have a look.


Wow, Club Penguin do seem to be keeping their best performance the last ( Sorry Cadence, you’re the first performer :P ) Which was your favorite performance so far? Share your opinion with other penguins by writing a comment!

-Dhi228, The Club Penguin Cheats Author

Club Penguin Music Jam – Day 2 of Free Items

Club Penguin has been updated today. Now, members can obtain 2 items from the Music Jam Schedule, it is on the top far right of your screen. Non-Members can obtain the Glitter Microphone, Members can obtain that, and the Drum Roll Hat, can be worn by your puffle. In order to obtain these items, you may have to follow these simple steps below:

Click on the Music Jam Schedule on the top right corner of your screen.

Click on ” Collect ”. Members can obtain 40 Drum Roll Hats for their puffles


Congratulations!, you’ve successfully obtained one, or two of the items. There’s still more you can obtain. At least these free items could make us feel happy about the party. I’m excited to obtain the MP3000, it really does look awesome in-game.


Club Penguin – Music Jam 2014 Review: Community Discussion

Hello penguins!

You guys are probably already aware that the Music Jam 2014 commenced on Thursday the 17th of July 2014… and if you’re not, you can click ‘here‘ to be redirected to our Music Jam 2014 walkthrough post. Anyway, with the arrival of the Music Jam 2014, loads of new rooms are available for penguins to access. In addition, a new game (SoundStudio, replacing DJ3K) and new outfits for penguins to try out and wear have been added to the party! For those who do not know, the Music Jam is taking place on a cruise ship this year – therefore changing things up and making this party a little more unique, as compared to previous Music Jams. In this post, I am going to be highlighting both the pros and cons of this party (the Music Jam 2014).

I know for a fact that the day Club Penguin announced that a Music Jam would be hitting the island in July 2014, penguins were incredibly excited and pumped for this event to start. In addition, many penguins expected this year’s Music Jam to perhaps end-up being the ‘party of 2014′, beating February’s Fair party. However, to some, the Club Penguin Music Jam was perhaps a let down. Many penguins were disappointed on the lack of effort Club Penguin put in to this year’s Music Jam, where as some penguins were incredibly thrilled with it. Although I do appreciate Club Penguin’s hard work and efforts, even I must be honest and say that this year’s Music Jam was definitely not as amazing as I (and everyone) expected it to be/ turnout.

Some of you may not agree with my opinion, and I am completely understanding as to why that is. Please do note that the pros and cons of the Music Jam 2014 in which will be listed below are completely subjective to me, Mrzero3. So, without further ado, here’s my input on the Music Jam 2014:

Club Penguin – Music Jam 2014 Review: Community Discussion

Screen Shot 2014-07-19 at 11.29.29 PM


  • The rooms have been decorated amazingly
  • A cruise ship has been introduced to the island, creating a unique aspect to the party
  • There are loads of new backgrounds to collect (including: Sabrina Carpenter, Violetta, Cole Plante, Zendaya, Cadence and the Penguin Band)
  • SoundStudio has been introduced to the island, therefore replacing DJ3K
  • A day & night feature has been added to the island and can been viewed off of the cruise ship


  • There are barely any free items
  • You have to wait a day to obtain a new item
  • Members are the only ones who are able to obtain both items every other day
  • There are only TWO rooms in which have been decorated on the island (the Town and the Dock)
  • Although the Town has been decorated and is one of FEW rooms in which have been decorated on the island, it is exactly the same as it was for the Teen Beach Movie Takeover of August 2013 (no creativity and effort spent into this)
  • No special catalogue
  • A lot of the previous Music Jam 2014 rooms have been taken away… like the Backstage, the fiesta place, etc
  • Club Penguin have introduced Disney characters and celebrities to the island (therefore making Disney completely involved in this year’s Music Jam)
  • We can’t meet the new mascots (only Cadence and the Penguin Band)
  • There’s nothing to do on the cruise ship, other than go down water slides, waddle around and watch penguins perform over and over again
  • No new features and or animations
  • It’s way too easy to get the items every other day (there should be challenges, etc)
  • There’s nothing to do for non-members apart from go down water slides, chat with penguins and waddle around

The Music Jam has never let me down – in fact it’s been up there with one of my most favourite Club Penguin parties of all time for years… until this year. I find it a real shame how Club Penguin’s parties have become so less engaging. I find it quite appalling that only two rooms on the Club Penguin Island have been decorated… don’t you?! Shouldn’t there be more to do?! Nonetheless, I appreciate Club Penguin’s hardwork, efforts and considerations into this party, but this just wasn’t what I expected it to turnout like.

My overall rating for this year’s Music Jam is a 5/10:


Please comment below with your input on this year’s Music Jam and or vote on the poll below. Thank you for taking the time to read this Club Penguin review article, and have a good day.

~Mrzero3 (TCPC Administrator)

Club Penguin Youtube Channel- ‘Gotta Have A Wingman’ Remix By Cole Plante

Club Penguin has uploaded a remix of ‘Gotta Have A Wingman’ by Cole Plante. Cole Plante will be performing as a penguin from July 21 onwards. You can watch the video below.

Wow. That was a really awesome video, don’t you agree? What is your favourite part of the song? Mine was from 2:15 till the end, got hypnotised throughout that period of time. Anyway, don’t forget to leave a comment below telling us how you felt after watching .

-Dhi228, The Club Penguin Cheats Author

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