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Club Penguin’s 10th Anniversary: The Party Designed By The Community

Hey everyone,

I’m back here with a story about how the upcoming 10th Anniversary Party actually  became a reality. There will be spoilers in this post. 

When the Ninth Anniversary Party was taking place, it was the first time that I actually thought about what would happen next year around October 24th and how big could it possibly be. It’s the Tenth Anniversary of Club Penguin, and in a world of all these games, that is not an easy feat.

If you don’t know what I mean by that, just think to yourself for a moment of how many games you played on your phone, and how long they stay popular. Flappy Bird, Doodle Jump, Fruit Ninja etc… They don’t stay popular for long.

Maybe those games aren’t fair comparisons, I mean, we are talking about Virtual Worlds here.

Think about Pandanda and Toontown, two very popular games. Toontown made it to ten years, just barely, but closed soon after. Pandanda lasted 3 years. Those were two big games in my childhood, but Club Penguin has, and will, outlive and out preform both of those worlds. Many other virtual worlds run out of money after a year or two.

So, back to the beginning of my story. My point in this is that it is not easy to keep a virtual world online for this long so it should be celebrated. Last year during the Ninth Anniversary Party I couldn’t fathom what Club Penguin would do to celebrate its tenth year in existence.

I joined Club Penguin back in November of 2007, which means I had to wait almost a year to experience an Anniversary Party. It happened to be the third anniversary in October of 2008, and it also was the largest Anniversary Party in history.


This has to be bigger than that, right? Of course it does.

By the beginning of the year in 2015, I already had some ideas down.

I really wanted to see a “Throwback Party,” something where there were old party rooms and hopefully something from Penguin Chat 3 would come back and we could stroll through the history of CP.

I posted a post on the Club Penguin Wikia in March 2015 that proposed that we have a throwback party using a machine that Gary invents. Here are my exact words:

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 6.57.58 PM

People started talking about that idea, and more people starting having the same idea, Club Penguin should bring us back to old rooms for the tenth anniversary!

We got what we wanted.

The spoilers begin here, so if you do not want some of the party to be spoiled, stop reading here. 

Club Penguin announced in late July that the Tenth Anniversary Party would include some old party rooms and had us vote on which room we would like to be brought back for the Beach, Cove, and Pizza Parlor.

We now know that the winners of those votes were:

Beach: Adventure Party 2009

Pizza Parlor: Submarine Party 2008 (Not Confirmed)

Cove: Temple of Fruit 2012

We also know that we will see appearances from old parties like the April Fools Party 2008 and Camp Penguin 2007. Camp Penguin will take place at the Dock and we do not know where the April Fools Party 2008 will take place, but my guess is the Iceberg.

April_Fools'_Party_2008_Iceberg Dock-camp

There was one room that stood out to me, and that is the Night Club. The music files released by Club Penguin show that the Night Club will be one of two parties. Summer Party 2006 or Summer Kick-Off Party 2007.

This is very big news, because these two parties were beloved by many early players. I did not get to experience either of those, so I am also very excited.

Other rooms include:

Town and Coffee Shop: 10th Anniversary Party Decorations

Snow Forts: Puffle Party 2010

Plaza: Teen Beach Takeover 2013

Forest: Island Adventure Party 2010

Mine Shack: Pi Day 2015

Ski Village: Music Jam 2011

I do know that there are more rooms that many people are not talking about. Rumors show that the Stadium, Dojo, and other inside rooms will be decorated, even though no files have been released yet.

This party is the dream party of many old players like me and also young players that didn’t get to experience some of these parties. In addition to all these old rooms, there will be a new item for every day of the party. That is three weeks worth of items. Not to mention, the party begins on September 30th and is separate from the Halloween Party.

This party is the perfect example of a party that is literally designed by the community, we asked for it, and we got it.

The moral of this story is that if you ask Club Penguin, they will try their best to keep you happy. We have seen this many times before: the Gold Puffle, the Rainbow Puffle, Operation: Blackout, ETC. Those are stories for another time, though.

It is going to be a wonderful party, and I can’t wait to visit.



Thanks to Club Penguin Reveals for some of the Spoilers.




Project Super Secret// Express Yourself

Hello everyone,

Just a few minutes ago Club Penguin released a new video sneak-peek for Club Penguin Project: Super Secret.

It show’s a penguin avatar expressing itself through body language! How cool is that?!

Thanks for reading!

image1 (16)

Original Dojo Design!

Hello everyone,

Today rsnail was very active on Twitter! He held a little Q & A session about Card-Jitsu as well as gave a picture of the original concept for the Dojo. This design was going to be made in the plaza but ended up being it’s own room.



Thanks for reading!

image1 (16)

Club Penguin Phrases the Chat Filter will not Allow!

Hello everyone,

As most of you may know, Club Penguin’s chat filter is RIDICULOUS! It doesn’t let a lot of useful or simple phrases go through and let other people see. Here are some words and phrases that Club Penguin does not allow:

-Rap Battle

-Don’t mind us

-The water is warm (You can say, “How is the water?”)


-Gary is inventing new things

-Kelowna (Where the Club Penguin HQ is located)


-Merry Christmas via. Riyita However, the phrase “Happy Hanukkah!” does pass through the filter.

There are probably many other ridiculously simple phrases that don’t pass the filter (be sure to leave them in the comments) but this is all I did for this post.

Thanks for reading, comment your thoughts!

image1 (16)

New Club Penguin Pin// Golden Hanger

Hello Penguins,

Today I have the location of the new “Golden Hanger” pin. It is hidden in the Puffle Hotel Lobby in a great location on the luggage carrier.

Unnamed image (34)

                          The pin in game

Unnamed image (33)

                The pin on a playercard


Thanks for reading!

image1 (16)


Dot’s Message// Fashion Festival

Hello everyone,

Dot has a new message when you log into Club Penguin. It says,”Next week is the Fashion Festival, but you can stock your closet now. Check out the huge catalog in the Clothes Shop.Unnamed image (30)


Thanks for reading!

image1 (16)

How to Get an Updating Playercard Image!

Hello penguins,

This post is going to show you how to get an updating playercard for your penguin. An example is shown below:

Every time I change my outfit the picture above should change! Now, I will explain how to do this.

NOTE: It only updates once you log out.

First, go to the Parent tab on the Club Penguin website.

Unnamed image (23)

Now, Login or Create a Parent account if you don’t have one. You should get to this page:

Unnamed image (24)Next, you should right-click the page and select Inspect Element.

Click on the search arrow in the top left corner.

Then click on the image to the left of your penguin name.

It should say img src = “link to your image

Copy that link and paste it in a new tab. Now go to where it says “size=60″ in the link and change it to “size=600″

Now put that link wherever you want for an updating image of your playercard!

Thanks for reading! Please give credit if you decide to post this on your blog.

image1 (16)





The New Club Penguin Blog is Here!

Hey everyone!

The new and improved Club Penguin Blog that has been hyped up for a few months now is finally here. Take a look:

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 3.17.18 PM


Visit the new Club Penguin Blog here.

The posts are now organized by type and author, and the new design looks very good in my opinion.

There are also posts archived from as long ago as early 2011. Take a look:

Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 3.21.40 PM

I really like the design of the new blog. Do you? Leave a comment!


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